Gracias chocolate began in a flurry of inspiration one day under the magnificence of the Kauaian sun. It started as a dream in 2012, with dear friends and dazzling chocolate flavors in a small kitchen embedded in the lushness of paradise. It took 2 more years to make that dream a reality, when in 2014 Jessica Osterday started Gracias Chocolate. The impetus was to create a chocolate that charmed the senses, was different from the rest, and infused with the magic of creation, tantalizing flavors and the delight of life.

Gracias Chocolate sees chocolate as a balm to the soul and body and should therefore be healthy. Chocolate, whose flavors are unlike anything else on earth, dances with our neurochemistry in order to actually uplift the body and mind. Gracias Chocolate melds the innate power of Unroasted Ecuadorian Cacao, with it's richness and light fruity overtones, and matches it with the Superfood Maca, and healthy alternative Coconut and Maple Sugars. All of the bars are Soy, Dairy, Gluten and Refined Sugar-Free. It has a stone-ground texture, reminiscent of traditional Central and South American Cacao recipes, which creates an unparallelled dance of sensation on the tongue.

Gracias Chocolate makes it's chocolate from the Ecuadorian Cacao.  Everything in our kitchen is poured by hand and we take great care to leave a lighter footprint on the earth, sourcing our products consciously and mindfully. We are as proud of our biodegradable packaging as the delicious chocolate inside. We hope that the totality of the chocolate experience we offer brings pleasure and delight to those who choose to taste, enjoy and experience our beautiful chocolate bars.

  Thank you for tasting!